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The Eternal Knot Series by S. Brown

The Eternal Knot Series is now available at all retailers.

Does Kendra for 2017 have what it takes to be King Roan’s Queen in 3000 BC and his soulmate? August 2018
What if you are thrown into the middle of your favorite romance novel? Sept 2017
What do you do when your soulmate is already married? Jan 2018

The Dreams: by Sherrie Brown

Re-Edited and Revised Editions were released on 1/24/2018

The Dreams: Series is now available at all retailers.

What if your good dreams and nightmares are over the same thing?
Everyone needs comfort when things change. Will their dreams hold them tight?
What do you do when your children go missing or when they deliberately disobey?
Dreams: Your imagination at work or a glimpse of the future?