The Eternal Knot Series

Does Kendra for 2017 have what it takes to be King Roan’s Queen in 3000 BC and his soulmate? August 2018
What if you are thrown into the middle of your favorite romance novel? Sept 2017
What do you do when your soulmate is already married? Jan 2018
This series is based on time travelers seeking their soulmates. The following is the legend associated with The Eternal Knot Necklaces.

There was a legend told, prophesied by holy men of long ago, ‘One day in the future, nine women, who all valued love and life will be given a chance to change not only their lives but the lives of all who they will come in contact with. These friends will unknowingly combine the Eternal knots and the sacred stones again, unleashing an unheard of power that will transport them to the destination of their soul mate or true love. They will be tested, for this is an eternal love. They must be willing to go anywhere and give up everything for this love; it must be a selfless love. These women will change the world in a time not of their own, and through their love and diligence, lives will be saved from greed and pain.

Now is the time for a Prophecy to be fulfilled. Nine women. Nine Stones. Nine Eternal Knots. Eighteen lives are about to dramatically change. Join each woman on her adventures through time in search of true love and their soulmate.

The other books in this series will feature Raven’s friends’ adventures. Each young lady will travel to a different time and place, some into the past and some in the future. Join them on their quest for true love and to find their way home.

King Roan: Time Travel is $1.99 ebook and $11.99 paperback.

Raven: Time Travel is $2.99 ebook and $15.99 paperback.

Samantha: Time Travel is $2.99 ebook and $15.99 paperback

For those who are not familiar with my writing, it is always clean, meaning there will never be any sex scenes or foul language.

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Author S. Brown