Mackenzie: Time Travel – Coming Soon

Coming Soon!
Book Four of The Eternal Knot Series – Mackenzie: Time Travel

Mackenzie (Mac) Vales is a night security guard for a large department store. After interrupting a robbery, Mackenzie is unsure of her abilities and worth.

Traveling through time, she finds herself in 1717 Ireland. Unwilling to settle for a life of poverty while she searches for her soulmate, Mackenzie sneaks aboard the first ship she finds.

Unwilling to settle down and marry the daughter of an Englishman, MacGregor (Mac) Canton talked his way on board the next ship leaving his beloved Ireland.  He wanted adventure, not the restraints of marriage, especially to a woman he detested.

Everything both Mackenzie and MacGregor had planned changed when they realize they are onboard a pirate ship, not a merchant ship as they had assumed.

If you are interested in being an ARC reader for this book, please let me know.

Mackenzie’s Necklace with Aquamarine Beryl gemstone