King Roan: Time Travel – August 2017

Does Kendra for 2017 have what it takes to be King Roan’s Queen in 3000 BC and his soulmate? August 2018

Book One of The Eternal Knot Series – King Roan: Time Travel

3,000 years ago, after the neighboring Princess rejects King Roan, he sets out to prove she is his soulmate with a sacred necklace from his holy man. However, he time travels to 2017 Texas to find his soulmate.

Kendra Blue is a young, independent, smart woman who owns and manages a small ranch. How will Kendra deal with a self-centered, arrogant King who demands shelter and food from her?

King Roan, a difficult, prideful man, learns that being a king means nothing in 2017 and it means even less to Kendra. How does Roan function in a time with technology, when he isn’t even sure how indoor plumbing works? How will he convince Kendra they are soulmates?

When the situation presents itself, Roan and Kendra travel back to his home and the perils of a jealous Princess. Will they stay or return to 2017? Join them on a journey to a time when Stonehenge is still new.

King Roan is now available at all retailers $1.99 ebook and $11.99 paperback

King Roan’s Eternal Knot with Green Moonstone