The Dreams: Books 1-3

Dreams: Your imagination at work or a glimpse of the future?

Dreams: Your imagination at work or a glimpse of the future?

Re-Edited and Revised Editions were released on 1/24/2018

Join Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet and Fitzwilliam (Fitz) Darcy on their journey through life. The first, two of the stories are told from their points of view. Share their frustration and joy as they follow their dreams.

Lizzy and Fitz are guided by their dreams and during the first half of their life together, and they make decision’s based on their dreams. After their children are born, those dreams are there in the form of comfort and guidance.

The first story is about their courtship and understanding their dreams. The second story is adjusting to the first year of married life. The last story is about the joys and challenges the Darcy’s find being parents.

Their dreams will not only set them free and hold them tight but will give them hope in the future.

Stories One and Two are written in POV of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.

The Dreams: Will Set You Free

The Dreams: Will Hold You Tight

The Dreams: Will Give You Hope

If you are interested in reading more about Raven and Bran, you can find them in Raven: Time Travel, book two of The Eternal Knot Series, by S. Brown.

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