The Eternal Knot Series

New: The Eternal Knot Series

By: Sherrie Brown

My next series is based on time travel and soulmates.

This first book in The Eternal Knot Series is titled, King Roan. A king from 3000 years ago, knows who he wants to marry on to have her reject him. Determined to prove they are soulmates he insists his holy man give him his sacred necklace, said to have to power to transport its wearer to their soulmate. Only he doesn’t travel to the neighboring kingdom; he finds himself in 2017 Texas in search of his soulmate.

What would you do and how would you handle someone who comes to your door demanding shelter and food? Find out how Kendra deals with this arrogant, self-centered King.

King Roan must make a choice to stay and fight for his soulmate or return to his time when his life is threatened. Kendra must either brave the unknown or risk losing her heart. Join them on a journey to a time when Stone Henge is still new.

One of the upcoming books features Raven and Bran, who you meet in The Dreams: Will Hold You Tight, this is their story. The other books in the new series will be about Raven’s friends’ adventures. Each young lady will travel to a different time and place, some into the past, and some in the future. Join them on their quest for true love and to find their way home.

The introductory book (King Roan) almost completed for this new series, and I am looking for people interested in joining my ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) Team.

For those who are not familiar with my writing, it is always clean, meaning there will never be any sex scenes or foul language.

Plese sign up and help me on this new journey.



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Author: Sherrie

What do I want to be when I grow up? I could never answer that question until now. Life for me has never been boring; it has always been an adventure. While serving in the Air Force; I married one of my best friends. I stayed at home and raised our two sons, who married to two wonderful women and I have one grandson. I have several incredible friends and I love to travel. My husband and I are now living in Texas.

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